The Death & Co. Jakob Black



Size: 9

Width: D

Condition: Excellent Condition



Seller Notes: After 12 wears, I feel the boots are too big for me. Not the size itself but the overall height, length and heartiness of the design. They are the bulkiest boot I own and I don’t see my self wearing them often. They don’t fit me like my Muellers or Pablos.

Death & Co. is an epic cocktail institution, rooted in award winning recipes, exceptional service, and unparalleled hospitality. With current locations in New York City, Denver, and Los Angeles, Death & Co. is revolutionizing the art of service. We are proud to offer this limited edition style in collaboration with the Death & Co. Team. 

In 2018, we released the original Jakob, and it quickly sold out and became a customer favorite. Through the years, we've received many emails and phone calls asking us to bring it back, and now in 2021, it's finally here. The new Jakob is inspired by a traditional work boot, but with a tapered toe and elegant details. Featuring the tallest profile of any boot we make, the Jakob is both sturdy and lightweight. Constructed in full gain Krumenauer leather and our HELM branded rubber cushion sole, the Jakob offers all-day comfort for anywhere your day takes you.

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Sold by Jason V

Verified HELM Customer