About Treet

Treet helps power peer-to-peer shopping experiences and buyback programs for e-commerce brands. Utilizing Treet’s software and logistics, brands are able to create unique secondhand shopping sites where their customers can buy, sell, or trade in items in a trusted environment.

What’s Treet responsible for?

  1. Post Review & Authentication

    - Reviewing all posts submitted to the site.

  2. Shipping Logistics

    - Facilitating and tracking shipments between buyers, sellers, and the brand.

  3. Payments

    - Handling all payments made through the site.

  4. Disbursements

    - Disbursing funds as cash or credit and handling refunds/returns.

  5. General Site Functionality

    - The overall flow and functionality of the site.

*For all support questions related to the above, please reach out to the Treet Team directly: support@treet.co